How is Rawaj different
About Us

Why Rawaj

At RAWAJ we do our best to be your partner in all things “communications” and aim to provide you with many benefits when working with our team.

Our philosophy of taking the personal approach to communication is built into everything that we do at Rawaj. It is our calling-card, and sets us apart from the competition.

The benefits:

  • Rawaj has a finger on the pulse: We have developed an in-depth knowledge of the media landscape in the region and are constantly leveraging new opportunities. Our broad network of contacts is the cornerstone of our success
  • The Rawaj team is honest & ethical: We pride ourselves on our transparent approach from daily communication to invoicing
  • We care: Your public image and reputation become our top priority
  • Responsiveness: We are available to the client for the duration of a project or programme, thereby eliminating practices commonly used by larger public relation companies.
  • Rawaj has demonstrated expertise: The strength of RAWAJ lies in the wealth of experience and determination of its team members.
  • The Rawaj team is reliable: We always deliver on-time and under budget
  • Rawaj is trusted: Building a relationship of mutual trust from the onset is what we strive to do.
  • Rawaj is diverse: A blend of western experience with in-depth knowledge of Arab traditions and cultural understanding of Islamic values. Our team is Multi-lingual and disciplined
  • Rawaj is your voice: We are the voice with which you communicate
  • Rawaj has an outstanding track record of achievements backed by a high level of client satisfaction
  • Our creative and innovative approach to media campaigns and events has led to success on extensive media exposure and talk-of-the-town, memorable events
  • Ongoing strategic direction directly from the MD throughout all activities and events