Handling crisis professionally
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Crisis Management

Every company needs a communications team to provide qualified guidance in times of crisis.

If a situation is mishandled it might endanger the reputation of your brand. Getting advice from professionals can reduce the chances of this happening.

Do you know how to communicate in a crisis?

Our team can support you in anticipating certain vulnerabilities. We can also play a vital role in developing strategies and taking immediate action in times of urgency.

Social media has accelerated the speed that information about a crisis can spread. The viral effect of social networks such as Twitter means that news can break faster than through traditional media channels – making the situation harder to manage.

This can be softened by having the right training and policy in place as well as the right monitoring tools to detect signs of a crisis breaking.

Digital media also gives communication team’s access to real-time information about how an emergency situation is impacting market sentiment.

In the event of a negative situation, Rawaj will control communication and prevent any further impact within the media.