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Media Relations Management

Harness the power of media relations

No promotional tool is more powerful than media relations and the subsequent media coverage.

First of all, imagine the impact on sales if reporters across the region were telling the masses about your product. Now add bloggers and influential trendsetters to that and you have a recipe for success.

Media coverage, both in print & online, should be one of your most productive promotional channels. It’s a very cost-effective way to teach prospective customers and explain why they should buy your product.

Unlike advertising, earned media is generally trusted by consumers because it is not paid and should be objective. It also can significantly add to your SEO efforts by adding links to your website from reputable sources.

By managing your information flow and the channel of delivery, your media relations efforts can result in a significant boost to your sales.

Building a reputation of trust with your audience should be your ultimate goal. This can best be achieved by educating them on how your product can help solve their problems and delivering that message through reputable sources.

While it is possible to undertake this personally, reaching the right contact at the right time is difficult and time consuming.

Rawaj has spent years developing our network of media contacts and building relationships with them. We know them, what they like, what fits as well as how to develop content that appeals to the media.