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Traditional Marketing

By developing integrated marketing strategies, RAWAJ offers creative initiatives, which promote interaction between an organization and its key target market.

Traditional Marketing still plays an important role

Even in the digital age, there are good reasons for employing old-school strategies, including:

  • Traditional methods may be the only way to reach your particular group of consumers.
  • Person-to-person selling is considered by many a strategy of traditional marketing. There is definitely a time and place when this type of direct selling is the most effective way to market a product or service. For example, through person-to-person, you can do demonstrations. Further, many customers and clients prefer to do business with people they’re in in-person contact with.
  • Tangibility. Traditional marketing offers hard copy material. This makes it easy to provide information on the go, such as handing out a business card or to have something at in-person events, such as speaking engagements or trade shows.

By increasing product value, generating brand awareness or promoting brand equity, you can enjoy powerful and effective campaigns. This strikes a balance between conventional channels and innovative communication programs.